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We have a vision to take membrane ideas from concept to application. Our research covers fundamental understanding, and also materials up-scaling tackling the challenges of moving from selectivity concept through material, through membrane, through module through process. Our academic collaboration and co-creation of research with industry means we are breaking the barrier between academic research and industrial adoption, pushing beyond a focus on novel materials development.

We do this via our materials up-scaling process: Identifying materials and membranes with potential, working with partners in membrane manufacture and users of membranes Harnessing the combined equipment and skilled technical capability to develop and test membranes across the UK.

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Improving the selectivity of membranes for molecular separations is an urgent need for next generation separations development


higher selectivity membranes, more than anything else, would have a dramatic effect on synthesising oligonucleotide drugs – yield, purity and solvent consumption.

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Novel ion-selective hydrocarbon membranes as a lower cost alternative to commercial perfluorinated membranes

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