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Continuous Cross-flow Rig (47 mm and A5 test cells)

Name: Continuous Cross-flow Rig (47 mm and A5 test cells)


Summary: Cross-flow filtration setup with four cells for testing 47 mm diameter membrane discs. In addition, large membrane coupons can be tested with an A5 size test cell. The four circular cells (Sterlitech, CF047) and the A5 cell (Convergence) are made of stainless steel and can be operated under pressure up to 69 bar. The four circular cells can be connected in series in a custom-made rig. The filtration setup comprises a pump, tanks for feed, retentate, permeate and pressure gauges. Applications include water and organic solvent flux measurements, dye/salt rejection and fouling tests. The setup is compatible with various organic solvents.


Location/partner: University of Bath


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