What we do

Hear from SynHiSel Director Prof Davide Mattia about the programme

Our SynHiSel programme is funded by EPSRC through a Programme Grant award running from February 2022 to January 2027. It builds on the SynFabFun award which made key advances in developing membranes with stable performance over time. For example, membranes for polymer-based gas separation, where ageing is minimised;  3D printed membranes for liquid separations with reduced fouling; and self-healing ceramic membranes which do not suffer from structural failing.

These developments paved the way to look at increasing the selectivity of membranes.

Hear from our Programme Manager Dr Chloe Turner about our aspirations for engaging with users of membrane research, building an inclusive and diverse research culture and developing the talent pool of membranes researchers.


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