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Fluid Dynamic Gauging

Summary: Fluid dynamic gauging (FDG) is a measurement technique used to study the behaviour of soft deposit layers in a liquid environment. It employs fluid mechanics to determine the thickness of the layer, and can also be used to obtain a measure of its strength. FDG can be conducted as an in-line measuring technique, but is more commonly used as a research tool. Although non-contact, FDG cannot be described as truly non-invasive. This is because inherent in all measurements, there is a fluid shear stress exerted on the surface of the fouling layer. This is most significant in the area directly beneath the nozzle tip. With accurate determination of this, however, one can investigate the response of fouling layers to fluid shear at a large range of values. Coupled with thickness readings, it is also possible to track the removal of foulant at elevated fluid shear. If installed in-line with an ongoing filtration system it would also enable for real-time adaptation to changing feed streams, so that cleaning agents could be more appropriately selected.


Location/partner: University of Bath


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