Artists and Researchers join for idea creation 

collage of postits, hand drawn diagrams and images ripped from magazines

How can creative processes and scientific processes interact? And what insight can it create when they do? 

Interested in these questions, the University of Bath Public Engagement Unit funded a workshop for researchers and artists to share their work and processes and to create a space for idea generation. 

This sparked a collaboration with The Studio, Bath Spa University who came on board to host the workshop and reach out to their network of Resident Artists working in the creative and immersive technology space.  

Olawumi Sadare, one of the researchers taking part said 

We were initially interested in how we could communicate our research more effectively, but we ended up also exploring how immersive technology could support and enhance the way we do our research. 

Research processes in the sciences can be described as a cycle: plan- collect- process- analyse- archive- share- reuse, with knowledge generated reused in the planning of new research projects. Often most engagement only starts in the “share” part of the cycle- relatively late. There is an opportunity to use a variety of approaches in the planning stage where research ideas are being generated- using much more divergent thinking, before developing these ideas into a scientifically rigorous approach.  

Will Hunter, who facilitated the day said 

The group were very on board quickly and engaged with making connections, there was not a stage of working hard to work in a ‘creative’ way. They were used to facilitation. 

The ideas and relationships that emerged during the workshop are at an early stage, but we’re already seeing further activity around this. 

We have produced a short document to record the event, downloadable below.  

If you are interested in using this model to spark connections in your own research then contact Chloe Turner through the contact form on the SynHiSel website, or Caroline Anstey via The Studio website.

Workshop summary
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