SynHiSel Research Manager part of EPSRC-WES Ambassador cohort

Chloe Turner, programme grant manager for SynHiSel, is one of 23 ambassadors selected by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

Here she tells us a little more about the scheme

group photo of the whole cohort of ambassadors smiling at the camera
A woman smiling at the camera
a group of people talking around a boardroom table

The scheme was launched in 2019 to celebrate the WES centenary, with 9 ambassadors funded in the first cohort. After the success of this first cohort a second call was launched earlier this year.

The scheme has three aims for the cohort:

  • To develop their understanding of gender, as well as intersectionality issues in engineering across the engineering community.
  • To empower engineers with a strong interest in EDI to become advocates for inclusivity in engineering and engineering as a discipline.
  • To create a supportive community and learn from one another.

As an ambassador I want to make full use of my networks both through my own professional experience in research management, and through research communities such as the SynHiSel network.

Underrepresentation of women in the engineering and physical sciences remains one of EPSRC’s largest equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) challenges so I know there are still big challenges. But the buzz in the room when all the ambassadors first met, the passion and the sense of humour left me so inspired. I’m very optimistic about what we’ll achieve- especially with the support and platform that EPSRC and WES give us.

Part of how I want to develop my own understanding is to use the WES membership to develop my understanding of Engineering beyond the higher education sector- where I have spent all of my professional life. So I’d particularly encourage people in the broader SynHiSel network who are interested in working together with me or the EPSRC-WES cohort to reach out through the contact form below.


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