Special Issue on ‘2D membranes: materials, mechanisms and manufacturing’

The use of 2D materials in membrane development has exploded in the past 15 years, with a particular focus on the development of novel materials. However, none of these promising membranes has yet attained commercial success. In our view, the main cause of this has been the focus of the academic community on achieving ever-higher permeance and selectivity under ideal conditions at laboratory scale, rather than on developing materials and membranes that could be manufactured at industrial scale.

This special issue, which includes many SynHiSel investigators and collaborators, is focused on the latest developments in the use of 2D materials in membrane fabrication, with a particular focus on scale-up, manufacturing and testing under realistic conditions. These themes are well aligned with SynHiSel’s vision to “create the high selectivity membranes needed to enable the adoption of a novel generation of emerging high-value/high-efficiency membrane processes” and our focus on scalability and manufacturing.

We hope this special issue will further push the global membrane research community to consider scalability and manufacturing potential when designing novel materials, leading to a new generation of more efficient membranes that can directly support worldwide efforts towards reaching net zero emissions.


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