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We are looking for a talented individual to work in the area of supported molten-salt membranes and their application to carbon dioxide separation and reaction engineering.


Apply by 24th May 2023

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You’ll be working in one of the UK’s prominent chemical engineering research groups with Prof. Ian Metcalfe, FREng and Dr Greg A. Mutch at Newcastle University.

Supported molten-salt membranes offer the opportunity to bypass traditional limitations of membrane separation processes by providing both high permeability and high selectivity in a single membrane. Their potential applications range from flue gas carbon dioxide capture to water-gas shift reaction engineering. Your role will be to fabricate and characterise supported molten-salt membranes, using our synthesis and fabrication laboratory, automated membrane gas permeation measurement facilities, and (typically via collaboration) cutting-edge characterisation techniques (diffraction, tomography, microscopy, spectroscopy, surface area and porosity analysis etc).

Applications must be received by 24th May 2023


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